17th December 2013. URGENT- The nationally important and, in some ways, unique 200 year old Milton Wonder apple tree is under immediate threat. This would be equivalent to the loss of the original and still living Bramley tree, also 200 years old. The planning application that, if approved, would surely lead to the death of this tree will be decided at 18.30 on the 18th December, at the council chamber of Vale of the White Horse District Council. The planning office has decided to recommend acceptance of the plans. The planning committee will make the final decision tomorrow.


The planning application now before the Vale of White Horse District Council, P13/V1627/FUL seeks to remove several fruit trees in an old orchard, to accommodate two new houses and access, in the village of Milton, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The current amended plans, no longer involve cutting down the Milton Wonder, but they would still almost certainly lead to its demise in a relatively short time. It is expected that further development plans will follow.

Many concerned individuals have made their objections known, but these have obviously counted for nothing with the planning officers. Local democracy is dead, unless the Planning Committee reject the plans. Conservation Areas appear to be worthless. National assets, nature and green areas seem to be of no consequence under the pressure to build more houses in rural areas. The UK Biodiversity Action Plan is clearly worthless under the discretion of planning officers. Although all the relevant bodies and individuals have been alerted, their responses have been disappointing. The last hope resides with the planning committee and the signs are not good.


If you would like to read all the submissions to the planning office then please click on the link below.

Select 'search by reference number' then pick '13' and go to ref P13/V1627/FUL

If you would then like to compare those comments with what appears in the report of the planning officer, you can download that report by clicking here. It is difficult to see how any planning officer can ignore so many powerful objections against. A big Thank You to all those who took the trouble to write.

It is long overdue that planners took old fruit trees and orchards seriously. It seems they do not and will not. We now await the final news on whether the Milton Wonder can survive or not. If the planning permission is granted we remain convinced that the tree will fall, will not be able to re-root from the trunk, will have its root system significantly damaged and will be conveniently neglected. It will die.

If you would like to know more about why the Milton Wonder is so very important, please visit www.miltonwonder.org.uk or call Derek or Judy on 01844 237415, or email on the link at the top of the page. You could also view www.bernwodefruittrees.co.uk/oldesttree.htm and the continuation pages for the full detail of the age and regeneration of this remarkable tree. There is also a shorter description under the entry for Milton Wonder, in the apple list - move the mouse over Apples, to the left.

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