The new 7th Edition catalogue is now available to order!

The enlarged 'Seventh Edition' Bernwode Fruit Trees printed catalogue is available to order, by telephone (with card). Inclusive of postage it costs £6.50 (overseas locations £9.00). If collected from the nursery the cost is £5.00.

The 170-page printed black and white catalogue contains descriptions and interesting historical details of over 860 traditional and rare varieties of fruit trees and soft fruit, along with helpful details on growing, pollination and rootstock choices. There are over 600 apple varieties included. It is more a reference work than a nursery catalogue. Please note, there are no photos.



While we are happy to send the catalogue anywhere in the world, it should be noted that we do not send trees outside the UK, due to increasing costs, restrictions and requirements imposed by governments (including our own) and the European Union.

Compared to printing off details from our website, with the resulting volume of paper, cost of inks, power and time, the printed catalogue is, by far, the greener, more convenient and cheaper option.

Telephone: 01844 237415
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